A new way for your brand to optimize Instagram A new way for your brand to optimize Instagram

After exploring All Instagram (Instagram’s unofficial blog) this week, I came across this website that was too awesome not to share. allows anyone to show live pictures being uploaded to Instagram via a specific hash tag in slide show form. All the person has to do is assign a hash tag for people to use when posting photos and the website collects all the pictures and shows them in slide show format. The site literally feeds a crowd of photos as they are taken and uploaded. People will be able to see the photos they posted the second they publish them. This could be used anywhere from a wedding to a large music festival where organizers want to engage crowds and promote their brand. It creates a whole new level of engagement between marketers and consumers because they will be able to part of the brand experience. Can you imagine being at a concert and snapping a photo of you and your friends enjoying the show, and it popping up on a huge screen next to your favorite band? You would feel like part of the show and if a company such as Bacardi sponsored the slide show they would be able to integrate their brand into making you feel like you were part of the concert. I would really recommend checking out this link below to see how this website can help engage your customers.