Technology on a Deserted Island

Technology on a Deserted Island

“You’re stranded on a deserted island, and you can only take three books/songs/movies with you off the boat. Which ones do you choose?”

We’ve all heard and answered some variation of that question, but how has it changed with the ubiquity of tablets and smartphones?

In this Sunday Comic by Maria Scrivan, we see that you can bring a lot more books, music and movies off the boat with you. Unfortunately, you might run into a few other problems.

After seeing this comic I thought to myself how hard it would be to answer this question. With smartphones and tablets we have so much entertainment at our fingertips that we never really have to make a choice like this. I’m addicted to Netflix and there are so many movie options that answering a question like this would really take some time. However there are a few follow up questions I would need to ask before answering this question such as:

“Can I bring a solar powered charger?” and “Can the coconut tree serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot?”

As you can see I wouldn’t last two days on Survivor.

So how you would you answer this question? Has our access to entertainment through providers such as Netflix, inhibited our ability to easily respond this question?