Clutch: The New Shopping App

Clutch: The New Shopping App

When it comes to shopping, many of us head to our smartphones first. Ordering items on mobile, however, isn’t exactly a seamless process. Many people research extensively for the best price, buy the item from one place, and then pay for it using an app or a physical card, which is a lot of work for one item. Clutch wants to eliminate the need for multiple shopping apps, and provide users with a single app that takes care of everything you need to complete a purchase. Already available on iPhone, the app launched for Android on Thursday.

Clutch works much like any other online retailer. The app has a Shopping Feed where users can “window shop” for items on sale, and its recommendation engine highlights items it thinks they will particularly enjoy. Users can create a collection of items they’re interested in, as well as follow the collections of others. For instance, if your friend Sarah has a shirt in her collection that you like, you can view it, comment on the image to let her know how you feel, and then add the item to your own collection. This is the part I like most about the app because I send pictures of clothing items to my friends all the time and this would make sharing fashion tips so much easier. Also it will prevent us from purchasing the same items so we never have a twin outfit problem when we go out together.

Then, once users come across an item that they’re interested in, Clutch has a built-in price comparer to help them find the best price. The app also takes into account users’ current location, so that they can find their desired item for a low price at a nearby retailer, as opposed to online. Clutch also lets users pay for their purchases with store credit or a gift card in the app’s mobile wallet. Clutch will notify users when they’re near a retailer that accepts gift cards from their mobile wallet. What’s more, users can earn rewards in the form of gift cards.


2 thoughts on “Clutch: The New Shopping App

  1. I am in love! I have never heard of clutch, but I have just downloaded it and I am already crazy about this app. I love the combination of deals, loyalty, a little Pinterest, and shopping all wrapped up into one app!

    My favorite feature in the app
    •Compare & Shop – Consumers can get the best deals on the products they want by using Clutch’s price comparison shopping tools. Clutch alerts users of the lowest prices online and at nearby stores.

    •Nearby Deals – Find the best deals at nearby stores. The Clutch app enables users to search for promotions and specials at stores within a certain proximity and will also notify them whenever they are near any retailer for which they have a gift card stored in the app’s mobile wallet.

    •Shopping Feed – New to Clutch for Android, the shopping feed lets users explore and discover just as they would while window shopping. The more shopping activity users engage in, the smarter and more personalized the feed becomes. Feeds are populated by following people with similar interests and taste. In addition, the app’s recommendation engine will present items that are likely to be of interest, as well as popular and trending items. (Clutch, 2013).

    Thanks for making me aware of this!

    Clutch. (2013, May 9). Clutch Launches First Unified Mobile Shopping App for Android. Retrieved from

    • Thank you for your comment. After reading an article about the app I immediately downloaded it as well. I couldn’t wait to get home and load all my gift cards into the app. Compare and shop is a great part of the app and definitely keeps you aware of the best deals. I actually disabled the notifications for nearby deals because I knew I would be at the store everyday. That is probably the point of the notifications because I was feeling like there were constantly great deals that I couldn’t pass up on. I was not aware that the shopping feed becomes more personalized based on shopping activity. Thanks for brining that to my attention 🙂

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